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Camas Lily bee green purple field spring

erin k osten

portrait artist

I am a mom to two college boys, that had the

privilege of growing up in Camas.  We moved here from Beaverton, Oregon (my home town) in 2002.  I really wanted to give my kids a small town upbringing but with the opportunities that are still close by in Vancouver and Portland.  Plus, Grandma moved over to Vancouver and we needed to be closer to Grandma!   


For as long as I can remember I have had a love of photography.   But don't all photographers?   I mean would we be doing what we are doing if we didn't?  Probably not  . . .  What makes me different?  I pay attention to the details, the little things that matter and turn a portrait from a photograph in to art.  Something you can't wait to hang on your wall, walk by every day and smile.  You, your family, your life - it's one of a kind art.  Someone may have a frame like you have but they don't have YOU, your loved ones, that moment in time.  


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